ice arena


Complex landscape design includes reconstruction of the streets, the main pedestrian axis, Circus Square, Ice Arena, and Museum Squares, the Iset river linear park-embankment (right and left banks), and the creation of pedestrian bridges. Located in the center of Ekaterinburg, the project covers a landscape area of more than 18 ha.

The space around the designed area is filled with public facilities (the Circus, two Universities, the Synagogue, office and shopping centers, future Sport Arena). In contrast, the area itself did not have a clear function. We designed a multifunctional space for families with children that offers different activities and includes playgrounds for children of different ages, terraces for relaxation and contemplation, sports areas, and sites for city events.

The project has a strong identity of the Ural Forest, that was our inspiration. The aesthetics of the Ural Forest combines the diverse architecture of public buildings of the quarter and forms scenarios for the functional filling of recreational routes. The Ural rocks are reflected in the terraced banks of the river. Specially designed lamps have the shape of trees and become an urban extension of the forest. “Water” and “Forest” playgrounds also develop the concept of the Ural Forest.

The terrain (with differences of 6 meters) was changed to create a barrier-free environment using terraces and frames. At the same time, the goal was to provide people with access to the river’s green banks and preserve the natural landscape as much as possible. The dense planting of shrubs, perennials, and large trees, the inclusion of moisture-loving and aquatic plants along the riverbanks, the use of natural materials create a “natural oasis” in the city center.