shishimskaya gorka


The designed area is a residential development of 6 residential complexes with a linear pedestrian park and active retail on the ground floors, harmoniously integrated into the surrounding space. The area is connected to the main route of the ‘Green Loop’ (parks system) on both the north and south sides.

The main challenge of the project is the active terrain with differences of 10 meters. It has been converted for people with all levels of mobility into convenient connections of streets and a linear park with coffee shops, art workshops, and other types of retail. The landscape is functionally filled and meets the needs of all groups of residents.

The central element of the 18th residential block is a bird-cherry garden surrounded by a bench. It acts as the boundary of functional zones: games for children of different ages and quiet rest for adults near the fountain. Planting hedges are used as an additional means of zoning in private, semi-private, and public areas. In the most insulated part, there are children’s playgrounds with equipment made from natural materials.

The aesthetics of landscape is aimed at creating the effect of the natural environment. This effect is achieved by planting large trees that structure the streets and make the courtyards human-sized. Dense planting of shrubs and perennials creates a microenvironment that is attractive to insects pollinating plants, birds, and other fauna species.